May 2017 ASHRAE Journal Digital Edition & Show Planner

May’s ASHRAE Journal highlights Michigan University’s Engineering Center. Its highly efficient building systems are being used to teach the next generation of engineers. Other features are articles on refrigerant flammability, maintaining IAQ while updating occupied schools, and waterside economizers for data centers.

May 2017 ASHRAE Journal Highlights

May 2017 ASHRAE Journal

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Maintaining Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) While Updating Occupied Schools

By Ed Light, ASHRAE Member

School Construction

Limited available swing space increasingly requires students to remain in a school during construction. This could endanger these students’ health because of the airborne contaminants that may result from construction. Careful planning is essential to prevent these hazards. Successful IAQ management also guards against construction delays and the significant cost overruns that can result when IAQ issues become contentious.

Students and staff may be present during construction in these scenarios:

  • Renovation is phased by area with adjacent spaces remaining occupied
  • Occupants are moved into one part of newly built school while work is being completed in other areas
  • An addition is built adjoining an occupied structure
  • Systems are upgraded after hours

Many school construction projects are developed without a full understanding of potential occupant exposure. While asbestos, when present, is carefully removed in compliance with EPA regulations,1 control measures are often not specified for other contaminants. A more comprehensive IAQ management plan (Figure 1) is best formulated by designers, contractors, administrators, school staff, and community representatives working together to anticipate potential issues and develop cost-effective measures to protect occupants. This process should evaluate each construction step and classify it by relative hazard. While this article focuses on air quality, it should also be recognized that noise and vibration from construction activity are significant factors that must also be addressed in the management plan. Continue reading full article…

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