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How to Commission the ABB ACQ580 Pump Clean Function – It’s as easy as ABB!

In this post you’ll learn the features and benefits of an ABB ACQ580 variable frequency drive. Through video the posts shows how to easily commission the drive and activate the pump clean function.

Flow Tech Recruits for New Accountant/Office Manager

Our long-time Accountant and Office Manager, Kim Welch gave her retirement notice earlier this month. Although saddened by the thought of Kim leaving, we’re very happy and excited for her as she prepares for her next adventure on life’s journey. Kim has been with Flow Tech for twenty years and has seen it grow from […]

Achieve Substantial Savings through Demand Based Control of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust systems often account for more than 20% of a laboratory facility’s HVAC energy costs. Meanwhile, high exhaust stack velocities are typically maintained in excess of what is necessary for all but the most extreme conditions, despite the fact that the air being exhausted is usually “clean” for a majority of the time. This results in wasted energy, but is also an opportunity for additional energy savings in critical spaces…

March 2019 ASHRAE Journal Digital Edition & 2019 Annual Conference Planner

The March 2019 digital edition of the ASHRAE journal is available. Learn what’s new in the world of HVAC&R. Also find out which projects won the 2019 ASHRAE Technology Awards and get a glimpse at the Annual Conference planner…