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Recent Posts

Prevent Coil Freeze and Thaw Damage with Cooney Freeze Block Technology

Did you know freeze damage is one of the leading causes of coil failure? At temperatures 32°F and below, water can freeze and expand, causing excessive pressure that results in coil damage within minutes. Consequently, expensive and time-consuming maintenance, coil repair, downtime and potentially serious subsequent damage from the thaw and flood often occurs. What is to be done to prevent this? Read more to find out…

Flowtoberfest 2019 – You Can BARLEY Tell It’s Work

Flowtoberfest was created in 2014 as a party to show our customers appreciation for their continued business. Since it’s birth, the occasion has gained momentum and popularity and is now the must-attend fall event of the Connecticut AEC industry. Today’s post provides a recap of the 6th Annual Flowtoberfest, which was held two weeks ago in New Britain, CT. Sit back, relax and enjoy learning about the affair…

White Paper: Controlling Wrap-Around Heat Pipes for Systems with Strict Space Humidity Requirements

Today’s post was written by one of Flow Tech’s Sales Engineers, Michael O. Davis, P.E. In this white paper you’ll learn about controlling wrap-around heat pipes for systems with strict space humidity requirements. It provides a brief background on heat pipes, presents the current challenges when dealing with humidity in HVAC applications and focuses on how to best combat any issues. Six scenarios are discussed and illustrated through psychrometic charts…

Flow Tech’s Recruitment for Summer 2020 Interns in Full Effect

Finding summer interns starts with finding the right candidates. That’s why we recruit at local college/university career fairs. Today we’ll be at the University of Hartford. Find out more about the position and what we’re looking for in a candidate by reading today’s post!