Flowtoberfest crowd

Time passes by so quickly. It’s been over a month since the 4th Annual Flowtoberfest. Although we’ve posted a few times about it, including the event recap and information about our vendors, we wanted to make all the pictures accessible to our Flowtoberfest guests. Below is a video slideshow of the event’s pictures. We hope you enjoy viewing the ones of yourself along with the ones of your industry friends. It was such a fun time!



That concludes the coverage of the 2017 Flowtoberfest. Now the planning begins for our 2018 event. We’re currently touring potential venues. If you have any recommendations for CT-based facilities (breweries, vineyards, distilleries or halls) that you feel would provide us with an excellent setting please email Nichole Petersen. Also, email her if you want to be added to the 2018 guest list. Thank you again to all those who attended. It wouldn’t be possible without all of you!

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