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Aircuity Monitor: April 2018 – Flow Tech Helps Achieve the First Zero Net Energy Lab in the Northeast

Today’s blog post comes from the April edition of Aircuity’s monthly newsletter, Aircuity Monitor. In this issue, you’ll read about data discoveries, and how Aircuity helps the environment. You’ll also learn about how Flow Tech and Aircuity helped Bristol Community College achieve the first zero net energy lab in the Northeastern United States!

Aircuity Data Discoveries

The Aircuity platform provides data analytics to deliver improved insight into space function, occupant behavior, and indoor environmental quality. This information layer also drives performance and reduces risk as part a comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety program.

What are some real-life examples? Aircuity has compiled a list of issues that customers have recently told them their Aircuity data uncovered.

1. Broken mechanical equipment…

Happy Earth Day 2018!

Earth day
Earth Day is April 22nd and we’d like to thank our customers who are all committed to the environment. They have allowed Aircuity to reduce energy use and provide a better indoor environment throughout over 63 MILLION sq. ft. of building space!

John J. Sbrega Health and Science Building, Fall River, MA

John J Sbrega Health & Science Building

John J. Sbrega Health & Science Building at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA.

Achieving zero net energy means the amount of energy required annually to operate the building is offset by an equal amount of energy generated on site, a difficult feat for an energy-intensive building type in a cold climate like New England’s.

The Health and Science Building design, which includes Aircuity, provided by Flow Tech, resulted in the first zero net energy lab in the Northeastern United States with a 70% reduction in energy use at no added construction cost. Aircuity plays a critical roll in lowering energy use and enabling a building to reach net zero energy status.

Read High Performing Buildings Magazine article about this facility.

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