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Today’s blog post comes from the February edition of Aircuity’s monthly newsletter, Aircuity Monitor. In this issue, you’ll read about a 2.0 Platform conversion success story, as well as find out which schools made the Net Zero list thanks to Aircuity. You’ll also learn about how they’re partnering with us on an upcoming trade show!


Tales from 2.0: A Lab and a CO2 Leak

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A customer shares his experience in using Aircuity 2.0 to identify a CO2 leak in the lab.


A university EH&S professional had just logged into the Aircuity dashboard when an incident jumped out at him- over 2000 ppm of CO2 in a room for about 24 hours. He immediately went to the room and investigated the cause. After a bit of exploration, he discovered a faulty CO2 gas piping connection on a piece of equipment. The piping was fixed and the leak went away. As a result of Aircuity 2.0 identifying the leak as CO2, the university was able to save money associated with performing additional leak testing on all of their gas piping systems.

In summary, Aircuity performed as designed, increasing the ventilation rates to protect occupants when the event occurred. Meanwhile, the 2.0 dashboard helped the user to easily identify and resolve a potentially hazardous issue.

Aircuity and Net Zero Status

The New Buildings Institute recently released the latest Getting to Zero Status Update and Zero Energy Buildings List. We were excited to see that Aircuity is in about half of the schools on the list! The first step in reaching net zero energy use is reducing demand! #AircuityHelpsAchieveNetZero Click here to get to Zero Status Update.

Globalcon Expo 2018

Globalcon 2018

March 21-22, 2018, in Boston, MA.


Come see Aircuity and channel partner, FlowTech Inc, at GLOBALCON 2018 in booth #119. Additionally, we will be presenting on March 22nd at 11 AM in Presentation Area 1 on Innovation, Technology, and The Well Building Standard.

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