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Aircuity Monitor: January 2020 – Aircuity Turns 20 – an Evolution in IEQ

Company celebrates the impact made on the environment and looks forward to rapidly expanding markets for IEQ Data, Lab Efficiency, WELL, RESET & Smart Buildings.

Aircuity 20-year timeline

Newton, MA – Aircuity, creator of measurably better environments, announced that 2020 marks the company’s 20-year anniversary. Over the last twenty years, Aircuity has evolved from being a pioneer of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) monitoring to become the industry leader in accurate measurement and control while providing unique analytics utilized to drive core business outcomes.

Just Turn it Down at Night?

One question that we get asked every so often is, “Well, can I just turn down my air change rates (ACH) at night instead of using Aircuity?” The answer is simple – you could, but not without impacting the health and safety of lab occupants.

Data shows why unoccupied set back doesn’t work.

HPAC Engineering: Dividends Abound When Designing for the Occupant

The amount of high-profile research completed in the last few years along with new building standards is moving the focus of building design towards the occupant’s overall health & productivity.  The benefits of this design are now being accepted as undeniable and providing the largest impact for owners and developers alike. 

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