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Today’s blog post comes from the July edition of Aircuity’s monthly newsletter, Aircuity Monitor. In this issue you’ll learn about how exhaust fan applications are the perfect complement to Aircuity lab installations. Aircuity also announces BACnet capability, as well as their upcoming trade show schedule.

Announcing the Addition of BACnet client capability

Aircuity announces the addition of BACnet Client capability to the Aircuity platform. This critical interoperability feature is designed to give customers a cost-effective way to view a broad picture of their facility’s operation. In addition, they recently released a set of enhancements to the MyAircuity platform. Read more.

Exhaust Fan Applications Complements Aircuity Lab Building Installation, Increasing Savings

MK Plastics Exhaust Fans

Exhaust systems account for more than 20% of a lab facility’s HVAC cost. Yet high exhaust stack velocities are typically maintained in excess of what is necessary. After achieving energy savings through a lab DCV project, Aircuity’s exhaust fan application is the final step to ensuring your lab facilities are as efficient and healthy as possible.

University Health Network (UHN) is Canada’s largest research hospital which operates four major hospitals and a teaching institute. A Wind Tunnel Study showed that UHN could reduce their beginning HP from 480HP to 100HP. This created savings of $200k. When coupled with Aircuity’s multi-parameter DCV in the labs, UHN is saving approximately $1M in their MPCRT building. Learn more…

Presenting: WELL Certification in LAbs at I2SL & SLCAN

The WELL Building movement and focus on occupant health continues to grow across many different types of buildings – including labs. This fall Aircutiy is excited to be present on this topic at two of the largest conferences on sustainable labs.

2019 I2SL Annual Conference

October 21st 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

WELL Building Standard – Focusing on the Occupant and Supporting Your Core Research Mission

Don’t miss Gordon Sharp’s workshop:

Energy Efficient Lab Ventilation Design Practices and Technologies

2019 SLCAN Sustainable Laboratory Conference

November 19th 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
WELL Lab Building Adoption -“Better Environments – Supporting Your Core Research Mission”

Be sure to check out these sessions too:

Gordon Sharpe: Slashing Vivarium Energy Use With the Newly Issued CCAC Guidelines on Air Quality Monitoring & Control

Kevin Belusa: Net Zero Labs – An Achievable and Cost Neutral Approach

For more information about Aircuity and how we can provide you with their demand control ventilation solutions contact us today at 860.291.8886, email Tom Proietti. You can also visit us on the web. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, facebook and YouTube.

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