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Aircuity Monitor: June 2017 Newsletter

Today’s blog post comes from Aircuity’s monthly newsletter, Aircuity Monitor. In this June issue, you’ll hear from Aircuity’s CEO Dan Diehl as he discusses how to better optimize the indoor work environment to support employee productivity. Also featured is more information about the new Smart Air Matters LinkedIn group and why you should join. Keep reading to learn more, because this is an issue you won’t want to miss out on…

Beyond 72 Degrees and Sunny Inside: How to Optimize the Indoor Work Environment

Tower at PNC Plaza

The Tower at PNC Plaza in Pittsburgh, PA, was designed to be one of the greenest office towers in the world.

The inclusion of several new technologies, such as operable windows, dynamic glass, smart metering, prefab construction, and chilled beam HVAC systems, are now becoming the norm in the commercial building world. These innovations are helping to drive productivity and creativity, along with help the retention of key talent. “Study participants received cognitive performance scores that were significantly higher when in the “enhanced green building environment” versus a conventional building environment,” reports Dan.

Edge building

The Edge building in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is one of the world’s most sustainable buildings to date.

Sustainable designs, such as those shown above, are dominating the world of commercial buildings, and in turn providing numerous benefits. The concept of “beyond 72 degrees and sunny” is about dynamic and productive work environments that leverage initial expenditures to maximize the total life of the building and its occupants.

Aircuity Platform – Creating Measurably Better Environments

How does Aircuity work and how does it integrate into the building? Click the video image/link above to watch this short video or click here.

Join the Smart Air Matters LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Group

Smart Air Matters is moderated by and featuring posts from experts in airside efficiency and how it relates to HVAC issues. This group will discuss airside innovations focused on making buildings more energy efficient and healthier for occupants. The group will be a good source of information for a wide range of people – and that includes facility managers, architects, engineers, environmental health and safety officers, and industrial hygienists. We will also be looking at all kinds of buildings – commercial offices, research facilities, classrooms, hospitals, museums, government buildings and even sports arenas. Please click here to join!

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