Aircuity Monitor: March 2017 Newsletter

Today’s blog post comes from Aircuity’s monthly newsletter, Aircuity Monitor. In this issue of the newsletter, you’ll learn about new technology and approaches to cut lab energy use in healthcare facilities. Also featured is an article published by the Harvard Business Review about energy strategies for the C-Suite. This isn’t an issue you’ll want to miss reading…

Healthcare Facilities Today: New Technology and Approaches to Cut Lab Energy Use


DCV in healthcare facilities

Lab research facilities are energy intense building types due to the vast amounts of 100 percent outside air required. There is a gap in research on the environmental and energy savings impact of both reducing and varying air change rates. To address this gap a major research study was conducted by Aircuity’s founder, Gordon Sharp, that generated a significant amount of objective data on the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) conditions of labs and vivariums that are using dynamic control of air change rate.

For findings on how often TVOC and particle events typically occur and the surprisingly large percentage of time that the air is actually “clean”, continue reading the full article

Harvard Business Review: Energy Strategy for the C-Suite



Several leaders in the energy field surveyed executives from 145 companies across various sectors and geographies with $1B+ in revenue to understand how firms are approaching their energy strategy. The research looked at the firms’ performance on 15 measures of energy practice, including developing a formal strategy, deploying cutting-edge technologies, and leveraging advanced financing mechanisms. The authors recommend five steps for building a robust energy strategy and a systematic approach in applying them to a company’s energy use.

  1. Start with a C-Level Mandate
  2. Integrate Energy into the Company’s Vision and Operations
  3. Track Energy at all levels
  4. Shift to Renewables and Other Advanced Energy Technologies
  5. Engage Key Stakeholders

Continue reading full article

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I2SL Brochure

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