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Aircuity Monitor: November 2017

Today’s blog post comes from the November edition of Aircuity’s monthly newsletter, Aircuity Monitor. In this issue you’ll learn about automated buildings and intelligent ventilation systems that enable creation of energy efficient labs.. You’ll also see a video of Aircuity’s Dan Diehl at CERAWeek and much more!

Automated Buildings: Intelligent Ventilation System Enables Creation of Energy Efficient “Smart Labs:

Scientific research labs represent a huge portion of the energy demand of a university campus: in many cases, as much as two-thirds of a campus’ energy use can be attributed to research labs. While it may seem clear that labs would be a great place to start when looking to go greener and reduce energy demand, the difficulty of doing so without sacrificing safety can often pose a roadblock. Faced with this challenge, and looking to support their mission to be the world-class leader in research and to attract and retain the best talent, UC Irvine (UCI) came up with the concept of Smart Labs: a design that can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent.

Smart Labs is an efficient recipe implemented by UCI to reduce energy use and provide better Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in labs. This recipe can be easily implemented in other universities and research lab settings, and can dramatically reduce energy consumption by up to 50% or more. All the while, intelligent ventilation platforms keep lab personnel safe by ensuring that air quality adheres to strict safety standards. Read more…

Aircuity at IHS Market’s CERA Week

Dan Diehl

Aircuity’s CEO, Dan Diehl, had a chance to present at this year’s CERA Week on reducing energy use through airside efficiency and Aircuity’s proprietary platform. Check out the 2 minute clip of his presentation.

Congratulations to Cal Poly

Cal Poly’s Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics received the 2017 Livable Buildings Award from UC Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment for a sustainable design featuring high-quality work and study spaces.

The LEED-Gold certified building demonstrates numerous sustainable strategies: operable windows, radiant heating/cooling in offices and conference rooms, chilled beams in laboratories, a green roof, active monitoring of laboratory air (Aircuity), and an atrium designed to take advantage of daylight and passive ventilation. Read news article…

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