Lily Hakkarainen Flow Tech August 2020 Intern

Typically Flow Tech begins recruitment for our summer internships in the fall and we make a decision on who to hire in the spring. When the pandemic hit in early spring we had to reevaluate and ask ourselves important questions. Is it fair to bring on an intern if he/she will receive most training and communication remotely? Is it fair to our employees to ask them to dedicate the time and energy to teach an industry newcomer during a time of crisis? Will it hurt us in the long run to miss an opportunity to recruit and invest in future talent? Ultimately there were too many unknowns for us to commit to hiring an intern in the spring as we normally do. So we did not.

A couple months went by when we received a referral of a hardworking student [Lily Hakkarainen] who was looking for a summer internship. At this point the option to offer a hybrid schedule (some in office time, some in field time and some virtual time) was a possibility so we reached out. After 2 virtual interviews the consensus was we need to hire this applicant for the month of August. So we did.

Lily Hakkarainen is a rising junior at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and is studying Energy Systems engineering. She began her month-long, summer internship on August 3, 2020, and will continue through the end of the month when she will return to school. Keeping with tradition we sat down with Lily and asked her 15 questions. Keep reading to get to know more about her.

What made you decide to go to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy?

I’ve always loved structure and a good challenge and MA Maritime was a great pick. They teach leadership and time management to get you ready for life in the real world.

What compelled you to go into Energy Systems engineering?

I took a class on meteorology at Hampshire Regional High School and it really opened my eyes to climate change and how its effecting our world. Energy systems was a great way for me to be able to pursue an engineering degree but also made sure what I was designing was energy efficient.

What courses/professors have you enjoyed the most so far?

I really enjoyed Statics (like 3D Mechanics) and Strength of Materials. I also enjoyed welding and Lathe because it was nice to have such a hands-on class.

Lily shown in the center with teammates.

What is your favorite thing about college life?

Massachusetts Maritime has a very different definition of college life – there are no parties and no sleeping until your 8 AM class. This was an adjustment initially, but one of my favorite things is the comradery and the idea that your “company” (a group of 4 platoons) works as a team.

What is your least favorite thing about college life?

When I was a freshman I had to clean and have inspections everyday at 5:30 AM. That was definitely something that I never got used to that year.

Do you belong to any extracurricular activities/clubs?

I compete in Woman’s Varsity XC, Track and participate in Students United Against Discrimination. I run the 800 meter, the Mile and the 4×400 Relay.

Lily after track meet.

Why did you accept the internship with Flow Tech?

It seemed to me like a very educational internship with a great company, and instead of my job consisting of making scans all day I would be in the field working with great people learning a valuable skill set.

Do you hold another job besides your summer internship with Flow Tech?

Not currently, but previously I was a swim instructor for kids and a lifeguard.

What are your hobbies or what do you like to do in your free time?

I love to run when I get the chance. I also enjoy drawing.

Hakkarainen and Hansen top finishers for Maritime in Westfield
Lily during the James Early Invitational at Westfield State University.

If you could be a super hero who would you be and why?

Wonder woman. She’s a woman icon that I looked up to when I was little.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Italy. My parents went there for their anniversary and told me stories, so I’ve always wanted to go and see for myself!

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Ice cream. Its by far my favorite food. Or pasta…

Lily shown on the left after winning an award.

What’s your favorite book or movie? You can name both.

The Giver and Hidden Figures.

If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead who would it be, why would you choose them and where would you go?

Coco Chanel. I’ve always loved fashion and she’s my icon. Definitely Paris.

Any additional comments or information you’d like to share?

Can’t wait to see how my first month at Flow Tech goes!! 😊

Lily has been a delight to work with over the past few weeks. She is great at following all safety guidelines and procedures, especially when being taken out into the field. Her hybrid schedule has not affected her work performance and we’re happy she was willing to be our guinea pig! We wish her the best of luck on her return to school in two weeks.

To learn more about Flow Tech’s summer internship program visit our website or contact Nichole Petersen. We encourage you to learn more about our products and services. Feel free to contact us and follow us on social media: Twitter, LinkedInFacebook and YouTube!

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