Flow Tech’s Kim Welch Hangs Up Her Many Hats for Retirement

This past week has been bitter sweet for Flow Tech, Inc. Our Accountant/Office Manager, Kim Welch, will officially retire as of July 1, 2019. Kim gave her retirement notice back in April, which was a shock to us all. Aside from being younger than most retirees, Kim has spent the last twenty years as an integral part of Flow Tech and it is hard to imagine the office without her. Today’s post reflects on her twenty-year career with us and highlights the celebration we had earlier this week in her honor…

HPT Solutions: April 2019 Newsletter – Wrap-Around Heat Pipes Applied to Indoor Grow Facilities

Today’s post comes from Heat Pipe Technology’s (HPT) April 2019 Solutions newsletter. In this post you’ll learn how to grow savings all year long by applying heat pipes to indoor grow facilities. You’ll also find out how a medical manufacturing facility in Utah is using cross-contamination free energy recovery and more!