Why Women Leave Engineering Careers

Why Women Leave Engineering Careers Nearly 40% of women who earn engineering degrees quit the profession or never enter the field, and for those who leave, poor workplace climates and mistreatment by managers and co-workers are common reasons, according to research presented at the American Psychological Association’s 122nd Annual Convention … Read full article…

M.K. Plastics Axijet Compared to Greenheck Vektor MS (or HS)

Today’s blog post comes directly from one of our manufacturers, M.K. Plastics. In this technical article, they compare their Axijet with Greenheck’s Vektor MS. Axijet-S High Plume Dilution Fan The M. K. Plastics Axijet is an induced flow fan tested in accordance with AMCA Standards 260 and 300, and licensed to bear the AMCA certified […]

August 2014 ASHRAE Insights

ASHRAE Insights – August 2014 Major actions at the 2014 ASHRAE Annual Meeting include the introduction of a new strategic plan, creation of a new indoor air quality alliance and announcements of major milestones in ASHRAE research and the ASHRAE Foundation. You can get all the details in this edition of Insights. You also can […]

M.K. Plastics Announces No-Cost Upgrade to Bypass Air Plenums

As of this announcement, M.K. Plastics will be quoting as standard, and upgrading all future orders to include, K-Kore® composite plenums on all side mounted centrifugal Axijet plenum applications — at no additional charge to customers, formerly a 1.2X cost upgrade. Advantages of the K-Kore composite plenum construction include: Superior Resistance to corrosion: with over […]

August 2014 ASHRAE Journal

ASHRAE Journal – August 2014 2014-15 ASHRAE President Tom Phoenix, P.E., says ASHRAE will continue to grow and help society at large by focusing on “people, passion and performance.” This edition features his presidential address at the ASHRAE Annual Meeting in Seattle.  It also includes articles on air quality in health-care environments, commissioning, residential energy […]

8 Reasons to Choose All-Aluminum, Air-handling Unit Construction

As you learned from last Tuesday’s post, Meet Our HVAC Manufacturers, Air Enterprises (AE) is Flow Tech’s air-handling unit (AHU) manufacturer. Air Enterprises is known for their high-quality custom AHUs, as they’re custom engineered and designed to outlast competitors’ steel units.  AE is so confident in their all-aluminum units that they offer a 40-year warranty […]

How Mosquitoes Helped Bring The World Air Conditioning

How Mosquitoes Helped Bring The World Air Conditioning Like every other state, Florida has two statues in the U.S. Capitol that honor notable people in the state’s history. Dr. John Gorrie is one of them… Curious as to when air conditioning was invented? In this article you’ll receive a quick history lesson and learn how […]


Maintaining equipment in proper working order is vital to any business, no matter the industry. It becomes especially important when that equipment is responsible for a whole town’s water supply. Today’s post is an account of how a Connecticut town turned to Flow Tech, Inc. to provide them with a solution for their outdated and […]