Prevent Coil Freeze and Thaw Damage with Cooney Freeze Block Technology

Did you know freeze damage is one of the leading causes of coil failure? At temperatures 32°F and below, water can freeze and expand, causing excessive pressure that results in coil damage within minutes. Consequently, expensive and time-consuming maintenance, coil repair, downtime and potentially serious subsequent damage from the thaw and flood often occurs. What is to be done to prevent this? Read more to find out…

Aircuity Monitor: July 2019 – Exhaust Fan Application Complements Aircuity Lab Building Installation, Increasing Savings

Today’s blog post comes from the July edition of Aircuity’s monthly newsletter, Aircuity Monitor. In this issue you’ll learn about how exhaust fan applications are the perfect complement to Aircuity lab installations. Aircuity also announces Bacnet capability, as well as their upcoming trade show schedule.

HPT Solutions: April 2019 Newsletter – Wrap-Around Heat Pipes Applied to Indoor Grow Facilities

Today’s post comes from Heat Pipe Technology’s (HPT) April 2019 Solutions newsletter. In this post you’ll learn how to grow savings all year long by applying heat pipes to indoor grow facilities. You’ll also find out how a medical manufacturing facility in Utah is using cross-contamination free energy recovery and more!