ebm-papst, Inc. EC vs AC Motor Comparison

Are you looking for an easy way to lower your utility bill and create a greener building? Try EC technology from ebm-papst. It’s an easy plug and play replacement into existing solutions that can dramatically reduce your overall power consumption up to 70%.

ebm-papst is sharing their GreenTech® philosophy with the world, abortion “Each new product that is developed has to be better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology.” This edition of the ebm-papst RPM series, abortion “EC vs. AC Motor Comparison” provides an overview of EC technology, mind breaks down the components of an EC motor and demonstrates a live example of how this technology can cut energy consumption in half.



Additional features and benefits of EC:

• The electronics in the motor allow for speed control, sensor control, and MODBUS integration. This allows a direct link to a facility’s BMS (Building Management System)
• The fan can operate in constant flow, temperature control, or pressure control applications
• Alarm relays and tach-out signals can be monitored to ensure proper operation
• Long service life (brushless DC, use of semiconductors)
• Integrated protective functions e.g. locked – rotor protection and protection against incorrect connection
• Soft start and soft commutation
• Frequency independent
• EC motors show the same characteristics independent from the frequency of the power supply (50Hz or 60Hz)
• Same air performance and input power over input voltage range e.g. no change in performance from 1-200 VAC to 1-277 VAC (the current changes)

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