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The digital age has transformed the importance of great graphics and images. Choosing the right picture has never been this important. Adding an eye-catching graphic to a social media post, or the right visual content to your website will increase your page visits, views, and social interactions.  The same can be said about your staff and their corporate headshots or bio pictures. If a picture is so important to illustrate the type of products/services you provide, the same importance should be given to the people that help shape and grow the company.

It had been over four years since the last time Flow Tech hired a professional photographer and we realized we were long over-due for a new company photo shoot. Although we’re a company of only 23 full-time employees, about half those employees are either sales or service representatives and spend most of their time out of the office on a regular basis. Needless to say, scheduling a date and time to get everyone together was very difficult. Luckily, finding a professional and personable photographer for the job was much easier.

We hired April Smith of April A. Photography to take on the challenge of capturing the personalities of 23 very different individuals. April has been our Flowtoberfest photographer for the past 3 years and she was also our Marketing Director’s wedding photographer, so we trusted her and knew she’d capture Flow Tech’s culture. We’re very happy with the way the images came out and are excited to unveil them in today’s photo blog post. Take a look, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do…


Company & Group Photos

Flow Tech Company Picture

The Flow Tech Family minus Mike Davis.

Flow Tech Service Technicians

Service Team from left to right: Charlie Barber, Tom Halgas, Gary Cyr, Bill Landry and Derek Labbie.

Bill Landry and Derek Labie

Bill Landry and Derek Labbie

Front Office

Kim Welch and Nichole Petersen

Bullpen laughing

Tom Proietti and Scott Glazier

Paul Beley actually smiles

Paul Beley and Joe Augeri


Derek Labbie and Tom Halgas

Mike's Office

From Left to right: Joe Augeri, Nichole Petersen, Evan Benoit and Kevin Wixom


Sales Team

Rich Harper, Flow Tech President

Rich Harper, President and Sales Engineer

Joe Augeri, Flow Tech Sales Engineer

Joe Augeri, Sales Engineer

Mike Davis, Flow Tech Sales Engineer

Mike Davis, Sales Engineer

Tom Proietti, Flow Tech Sales Engineer

Tom Proietti, Sales Engineer

Brian Robinson, Flow Tech Sales Engineer

Brian Robinson, Sales Engineer

Larry Scola, Flow Tech MA ABB VFD Rep

Larry Scola, Sales Engineer


Service Team

Paul Beley, Flow Tech Sales Manager

Paul Beley, Service Manager

Charlie Barber, Flow Tech Director of Project Operations

Charlie Barber, Director of Project Operations

Gary Cyr, Flow Tech Field Service Tech

Gary Cyr, Field Service Technician

Tom Halgas, Flow Tech Field Service Tech

Tom Halgas, Field Service Technician

Derek Labbie, Flow Tech Field Service Tech

Derek Labbie, Field Service Technician and Project Manager

Bill Landry, Flow Tech Field Service Tech

Bill Landry, Field Service Technician


Support Team

Evan Benoit, Flow Tech Inside Sales Engineer

Evan Benoit, Inside Sales Engineer

Jim Lewis, Flow Tech Service Coordinator

Jim Lewis, Service Coordinator

Andrew Marques, Flow Tech Inside Sales Engineer

Andrew Marques, Inside Sales Engineer

Nichole Petersen Flow Tech Director of Marketing

Nichole Petersen, Director of Marketing

Paul Pranaitis, Flow Tech Controller

Paul Pranaitis, Controller

Kim Welch, Flow Tech Office Manager & Accountant

Kim Welch, Accountant and Office Manager

Kevin Wixom, Flow Tech Inside Sales Engineer

Kevin Wixom, Inside Sales Engineer


Just for Fun

Mean Mug Service Team

This is the exact opposite of how these guys usually are, which is why it’s so funny to us.

Goofing off

Evan Benoit, Nichole Petersen and Kevin Wixom goof-off at Mike Davis’s desk while he’s away.

Warehouse fun

Who says you can’t have fun while you work?


Like what you see? Contact April Smith today. I’m sure she’d love to work with you on your next company photo shoot, corporate event or even a holiday photo. For more information about Flow Tech visit our website, you’ll see some of these photos, especially on our Meet the Team page. Make sure to stay connected with us on social media too: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube

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