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Flow Tech, Inc. recognizes the acute discrimination and hardship experienced by the Black community caused by the ongoing systemic racial inequality in the United States. We support those peacefully protesting for change and believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and live without fear. We are a proud affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. We appreciate the value of an inclusive culture and have been working towards making our company more diverse.

Over the past few years, Flow Tech has been modifying and improving our recruitment process in order to retain top talent regardless of race, color or creed. With diversity comes a variety of viewpoints and ideas – something that is needed in our company, industry and world. More unique minds working towards a common goal inspires creativity, better problem solving and increased customer service.

We are also a proud supporter of the Connecticut Chapter of Professional Women in Construction and the Connecticut Chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services, whose missions/initiatives are to advance diversity within the architecture, engineering, construction and related industries. We invite you to learn more about each organization’s diversity initiatives or participate in their conversations, and to learn from additional resources centered around this topic.

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This is a pivotal time in our society and we encourage all AEC professionals to work together for a better tomorrow. For more information about Flow Tech, Inc. or our affirmative action and equal opportunity employer status please contact us or visit our website. You can always stay up-to-date on our latest news by following us on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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