The SoNo Collection, Norwalk, CT

Flow Tech is a Proud Sub-contractor of the CT Building Congress Winning Project Team Award- The SoNo Collection

Flow Tech, Inc. is a proud member of the Connecticut Building Congress (CBC). The CBC is an organization whose mission is to provide a collaborative environment that fosters relationships and contributes to the growth and success of the construction industry in Connecticut. As an industry association, the CBC creates a forum for building professionals to connect, learn, and grow.

Through their Project Team Awards (PTA) program, the CBC recognizes outstanding building projects every year that exemplify project team excellence and represent the best practices in teamwork by project owners, architects, engineers, constructors and trades. To receive recognition, firms are encouraged to submit award entries for projects whose team members have met or surpassed goals and achieved higher project quality through this close collaboration.

Flow Tech is extremely proud to have been involved in 3 of the CBC PTA winning projects by providing solutions to improve the comfort and safety of these facilities! Keep reading to learn about our involvement in The SoNo Collection.

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The SoNo Collection

Category: Commercial/Industrial (Large)

Award: Merit

Location: Norwalk, CT


Collaboration, communication, candor, and celebrations were derigueur for The SoNo Collection. Challenges for the 1,100,00 square-foot, $350,000,000 mall included: A JV team that had not worked together before. A change in project ownership. A restricted urban site, adjacent to the MTA rail, requiring constant vibration monitoring and the ability to stop work on a dime if trains were impacted. An ever-changing design to address prospective tenant needs while construction was underway. Use of a specialized filigree form plank system for the parking garage with only one US manufacturer and jumbo steel beams that had to be sourced from Belgium.

Photo credit: Paul Burk Photography
*Indicates CBC Member.

Flow Tech Provided ABB Variable Frequency Drives

Flow Tech is well-known for representing and providing ABB variable frequency drives (VFD). In the simplest terms, ABB VFDs help regulate the performance of electric motors, pumps or fans to ensure they operate in the most efficient and reliable manner. We were happy to provide (2) 48-volt, cooling tower VFDs, (4) 48-volt, pump VFDs and (48) 48-volt, fan VFDs for the SoNo Collection.

ABB drives for HVAC make maintaining a building’s comfort zone easy, quick and energy efficient. The drives control the speed of pump, fan and compressor motors used in air handling units, cooling towers, chillers and other heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. They help reduce the HVAC system’s energy consumption by up to 70 percent, and quite often have payback times of less than a year. With more than 600,000 drives for HVAC installed globally, these highly reliable drives with built-in BACnet easily integrate into building management systems. The drives are stocked globally for quick delivery.

Photo credit: Paul Burk Photography

It was a great experience being a part of such an amazing project team. Thank you to all those involved! If you’d like to learn more about this project or our solutions contact us today! More information can be found by visiting our website. If you enjoyed this post you may also like reading about our involvement in the PTA- Bristol Hospital, Emergency Department Behavioral Health Suite and UConn Student Rec Center. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: Twitter,  LinkedIn,  facebook and  YouTube.

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