Baystate Hospital

Flow Tech’s Before and After Series: Baystate Hospital

Location: Springfield, MA

Problem: Baystate’s original rooftop exhaust systems were plagued by rust and corrosion, which if left untreated can breakdown the material’s properties making the systems less effective and eventually fail.  Exhaust failure is not an option in a building experimenting with chemicals and acids such as a medical facility, hospital or research center.

Solution: Flow Tech, Springfield’s MK Plastics representative, supplied Baystate with non-corrosive roof mounted Axijet High Plume Exhaust Systems and Plastifier Venturi Perchloric Acid Exhaust Systems.

About MK Plastics: MK Plastics is a leader in the production of corrosion-resistant industrial and commercial blowers, fans and ventilation systems.  Patented is several countries, their innovative technologies are AMCA certified for performance and noise.

Their fans and blowers are ideal for environments where there are problems with corrosion due to the contaminants in exhaust air including research facilities, clean rooms, laboratories, technology and chemical processing facilities.

For more information about MK Plastics and how Flow Tech can supply you with their products contact us at or give us a call 860.291.8886.

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