HPT Heat Pipe Technology

Heat Pipe Selection and Optimization on Demand


Nearly 800 enterprise users of New SelectPlus Software are specifying Heat Pipe Technology Solutions at a record pace. 

In a few short months, nearly 800 enterprise users have registered to use SelectPlus, a no-cost cloud-based software solution that directly assists with heat pipe design, including the ability to create engineering drawings and output required document submittals. With this software tool, engineers and HVAC system designers have specified HPT’s solutions at a record pace.

If you have not signed up for the software, go to www.heatpipeselect.com and request a username.  With a user account, you will have full access to these capabilities, including:

  • Selection of Dehumidification Heat Pipes (DHPs)
  • Selection of Energy Recovery Heat Pipes (HRMs)
  • Ability to calculate the Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER) to determine true net savings
  • Allows users to input “hours of operation,” for -accurate savings analysis
  • The ability for users to share their projects with anyone using the software

Several tutorial videos have been added in the Help section that will walk you through the selection process for both DHPs and HRMs.

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