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Heat Pipe Technology (HPT) is proud to add another product to their split passive HRM-V™ line. This new product is intended to optimize the performance of systems where supply and exhaust air streams are on the same level. It is unique, and a first in the energy recovery market.

The remarkable design of this new HRM-V™ product optimizes energy recovery performance 20% to 35% over older side-by-side (no offset) designs and attain equal amounts of recovery for both heating and cooling. Optimized performance is achieved by using integral face dampers to direct flow through sections of the heat pipes to create an offset effect, thus enhancing performance. The dampers are controlled from a single heating/cooling changeover signal that always keeps the condenser side of the heat pipes higher than the evaporator.


HPT HRM-V Split Passive

Heat Pipe Technology’s Split-Passive Recovery Heat Pipes with Dynamic Seasonal Offset™ (DSO™)


Moreover, Heat Pipe Technology has acquired certification to AHRI standard 1060 for this product and the rest of our HRM-V™ split passive line. With the certification of this product line, HPT will have all of their energy recovery products certified to AHRI standard 1060, as well as ETL listed to UL standard 207. This will assure engineers, OEMs, end users of the performance and safety of our energy recovery products.


AHRI ETL Certification Logos


Split-Passive Energy Recovery Heat Pipes With Dynamic Seasonal Offset™ (DSO™) Product Description

HRM-VsTM are split-passive energy recovery heat pipes designed for applications where two air streams are separated by large distances. Unlike standard energy recovery heat pipes, HRM-Vs have vertical tubes, horizontal fins, and every two rows are combined into common vapor and liquid headers. Each circuit comprises a two-row module in each airstream connected by vapor and liquid headers.

Key Features Include:
 No moving parts
 Multiple circuits for enhanced performance
 Flexibility with design

Available Options:
 Control valves for frost and economizer
 Stainless steel casing
 Protective coating for supply and/or exhaust

HRM-Vs are passive devices that recover energy in applications where zero cross-contamination is critical and or can’t be done by traditional recovery devices. Typical applications are laboratories, data centers, hospitals, and manufacturing.

For your convenience, their guide specifications were modified online at heatpipe.com to include reference to the integral dampers and to AHRI certification. If you have any questions please email Mike Davis or Joe Augeri. An Application Paper on this new product is available by clicking here. For general inquiries, contact us today by calling 860.291.8886, by emailing us, or by visiting our website. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

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