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Heat Pipe Technology (HPT) announces the addition of HRM-O with over / under airflow to their energy recovery product line-up, which includes HRM-H and HRM-Z. This is the ultimate energy recovery optimization as it performs very well in one season and will have no performance in the other – a single season recovery system.



Model of HRM-O.


This product is not entirely new to some customers as this has been sold for years as a heat recovery module (HRM) with an over / under orientation, but you had to call HPT for selection and submittals.  You will no longer have to do this.  Selection, performance, and submittals will be generated in SelectPlus like our other products.  HPT Reps will be able to price up in SelectPlus, as well.

For a quick tutorial on how to select this product, please view the below video, or log on to www.heatpipeselect.com and click on help at the top, then click the link for tutorial videos, locate the HRM-O video to watch.  As always, HPT application engineers will be happy to assist with questions.

Due to the horizontal orientation of the fins, care should be taken when selecting this product for applications with higher dew points.  Extended drain pans and/or moisture eliminators may be required.


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