Heat Pipe Technology Video: Customize Flange Dimensions for DHP-U Frame

Our heat pipe manufacturer, Heat Pipe Technology (HPT) has released another SelectPlus tutorial for your learning and viewing pleasure! SelectPlus is a no-cost cloud-based software solution that directly assists with heat pipe design, including the ability to create engineering drawings and output required document submittals.

Whether the SelectPlus user is an HPT Representative, a Design Engineer, or an OEM, SelectPlus allows them to access workflow processes that are central to their roles in the design, specification, and installation of HPT solutions. These capabilities include the selection of Dehumidification Heat Pipes (DHPs) ,Energy Recovery Heat Pipes (HRMs), and the ability to calculate the Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER) to determine true net savings.

Today’s video will walk you through a new feature added to SelectPlus. It allows you to modify the flange dimensions for DHP-U Frames.


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Nichole Petersen

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