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Heat Pipe Technology (HPT), Flow Tech’s heat pipe manufacturer, made an exciting announcement late last week. Three of their heat pipe models received AHRI certification. Below is the announcement made by Heat Pipe’s Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mazen Awad…


HPT Becomes AHRI Certified

HPT is proud to announce that our HRM air-to-air energy recovery product line is now AHRI certified in accordance with the standard AHRI 1060 air-to-air energy recovery. The specific models certified are:

HRM-H™: The side by side horizontal air flow
HRM-Z™: The summer or winter optimized
HRM-O™: The over/under airflow

Certification does not apply to our passive split HRM-V™ or wrap around heat pipes DHP™ lines.

This makes HPT the only US-based heat pipe manufacturer, and the second in North America, with AHRI certification.

HPT is currently working on our SelectPlus™ software and printed literature to includeAHRI logos on all models that are AHRI certified. Certified products will also carry a sticker with the AHRI logo and the test standard.

For your convenience, our guide specifications have already been modified online at heatpipe.com to include AHRI certification as applicable.

What does AHRI certification mean to you:
 Third party tested and verified
 Allow for performance comparisons between manufacturers
 Designers, manufacturers, and owners are assured of product performance
 Help meet local and national codes
 Products are continuously tested to ensure compliance

Please contact any of our applications engineers or RSMs should you have any questions on the above.

Mazen Awad
Sr. Vice President
Sales and Marketing


About AHRI Certification


AHRI’s globally recognized and industry respected certification program helps equipment and component manufacturers sell more products, win bids, differentiate themselves from competitors, and comply with government requirements.

When specifiers and other decision makers see that equipment bears the AHRI Certified®mark, it will provide them with the assurance that the equipment will perform accurately and consistently, thus helping the certified company win more bids.

Standard 1060 Scope
This standard establishes a single set of requirements for the testing and rating of air flow rate, sensible, latent, and total effectiveness, and pressure drop of air-to-air energy recovery ventilation equipment; whereby, equipment performance ratings can be compared from product to product.

Free Download: ANSI/AHRI 1060 (I-P/2014): Performance Rating of Air-to-Air Exchangers for Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment

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