Our heat pipe manufacturer, Heat Pipe Technology, recently shipped 6 large energy-recovery heat pipes to an American multinational consumer goods company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its product lines include major brand name cleaning agents and personal care products. This project was part of a $300 million expansion to a facility consisting of chemistry and biology research laboratories, a process plant, and lecture halls.

A HPT representative, came across this opportunity and worked with an engineer from the east coast to design the HVAC system that included heat pipes. Heat pipes were chosen because of the need for a no cross-contamination environment that other energy recovery devices cannot provide. For this reason, the heat pipe units contained a 3″ foam-filled center partition.

The heat pipes will be installed into three large custom AHU’s totaling 67,000 CFM’s. Each AHU will utilize a 6-row heat pipe to pre-treat 100% OA during winter and summer seasons, and a second 6-row heat pipe to reheat conditioned air during summer season. The proposed layout of the AHU’s and heat pipes is represented by the image below.


heat pipe layout


The typical heat pipe unit size had a finned height of 131.25″ and a finned length of 200″. With the addition of the HRM’s, the estimated cooling load reduction at design is 100 tons, and the expected heating load reduction is 1,387 MBTU.¬†Economic analysis showed an estimated average annual savings of $52,500/year per heat pipe.

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