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Today’s post comes from Heat Pipe Technology’s (HPT) January 2019 Solutions newsletter. In this post you’ll learn about the new, smart water-glycol recovery system HPT is unveiling at the AHR Expo. You’ll also learn about a recent project focus and what to expect from HPT at AHR.


HPT Unveils a New, Smart Water-Glycol Recovery System at the AHR Expo


HPT Water-Glycol Recovery System

Smart Water-Glycol Recovery System


Heat Pipe Technology (HPT) is proud to announce the introduction of a new, Smart Water-Glycol system with effectiveness exceeding 50%.

The system is the latest in HPT’s line up of optimized and energy efficient recovery products, offering the ultimate cross-contamination-free system with huge capabilities. It will be capable of both summer and winter recovery, as well as process applications and recover energy between air streams that are up to 200 feet. It will also feature a user friendly control interface that will give customers the ability to adjust system parameters and instantly access real time system performance.

Besides its versatility and affordability, it comes with a 5-year warranty, can handle up to 100,000 CFMs per system, and it also comes with the following features:

  • One-stop system design and supply
  • Greater than 50% effectiveness
  • Coils designed for energy recovery
  • Integrated control system with modulation
  • BAS interface through BACnet/Modbus
  • Modular design for easy install


HPT Exhibits at the 2019 AHR Expo

HPT 2019 AHR Booth

HPT is exhibiting this week at the 2019 AHR Expo in Atlanta, GA. They are excited to showcase their latest innovations in the area of energy recovery and dehumidification. One new product is the above mentioned Smart Water-Glycol Energy Recovery System. This product will have performance comparable to our energy recovery heat pipes, and will be able to handle large CFM systems, greater separation between air streams, and two season recovery.

HPT will also be displaying live interactive demo units for our various other products that will give instance performance calculations and allows user to feel the temperature difference created from our energy recovery products.

Please go see them at Booth No. 4229 today and tomorrow. For more information, please click here.

Project Focus: Cross-Contamination-Free Split Passive Heat Pipes in Large University Research Laboratory


HPT recently heard back from a customer regarding the huge success of a split-passive energy recovery heat pipe that was installed in two large AHU’s that serviced a Bio-Science Laboratory at a major university in Arizona. The science laboratory focused on interdisciplinary research in health science for human health, aging, and disease and had 100,000 sq ft of biomedical office space.

The heat pipes were installed in two large custom AHU’s totaling 93,000 CFM’s. Each AHU utilized energy recovery heat pipes arrayed in a staggered formation in the air stream. At the summer design condition, the heat pipes were designed to pre-cool the entering air down from 112°F DB to 91°F DB, offering 116 tons of pre-cooling while the CC offered 591 tons to bring the air down to 49°F DB. At the winter design condition, the split-passive heat pipes were designed to preheat the air from 32°F DB to 52°F DB, offering 71 MMBtu/hr of energy savings.

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