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Today’s post comes from Heat Pipe Technology’s (HPT) July 2018 Solutions newsletter. In this post you’ll learn about their newest split-passive recovery product line. You’ll also find out what to expect in their upcoming webinar, how their product lines can meet Florida’s Building Energy Code and updates to their SelectPlusTM Design software.


HPT Introduces a New Split-Passive Energy Recovery Products with Dynamic Seasonal Offset for Year-Round Savings

The HRM-VTM Split Passive Recovery with Dynamic Seasonal Offset (DSOTM)

HPT is proud to add another product to their split passive HRM-V™ line. This new product is intended to optimize the performance of systems where supply and exhaust air streams are separated by a certain distance and on the same level.


HPT HRM-V Split Passive


The remarkable design of this new HRM-V™ product, optimizes energy recovery performance 20 to 35% over older side-by-side (no offset) designs, and attain equal amounts of recovery for both heating and cooling. Optimized performance is achieved by using integral face dampers to direct flow through sections of the heat pipes to create an offset effect, thus enhancing performance. The dampers are controlled from a single heating/cooling changeover signal that always keeps the condenser side (colder air stream) of the heat pipes higher than the evaporator.


AHRI ETL Certification Logos


Moreover, and an industry first, HPT has acquired certification to AHRI standard 1060 for this product and the rest of their HRM-V™ split passive line as well as ETL listing to UL standard 207. If you have any questions about the above, or want a copy of our Application Paper on this new product, please email HPT.

Heat Pipe Technology Announces a new webinar on Split Passive Energy Recovery


Heat Pipe Technology Webinar

Attend the 7/19/18 free webinar!

HPT will be hosting a 1-hour webinar on Split Passive Energy Recovery Heat Pipe Systems.

Presenter: Mazen Awad, Senior V.P., Sales & Marketing
Date: Thursday, July 19, at 2 pm EST.

In this webinar we will cover:
• Overview of current designs and configurations
• Split passive energy recovery heat pipes – new design guidelines with higher performance
• The new Dynamic Seasonal Offset (DSO™) Configuration
• Split Passive Heat Pipes Vs Glycol Systems

Who should attend
• Design engineers
• OEM applications engineers
• Energy engineers at hospitals, educational facilities, hotels and labs.

A certificate of attendance is offered upon request. We hope to see you all at the webinar.

Register today!

Event number: 798 908 768
Event password: CDJF3riE

Call-in toll number (US/Canada)
Audio conference: +1-650-429-3300
Access code: 798 908 768

See How Wrap-around Heat Pipes Help Meet Florida Building Code for Energy Recovery


Heat Pipe Application in High-rise Building

HPT meets energy code in Southern FL high-rise apartment building.

In a series of A/C unit retrofits in South Florida, HPT recently retrofitted two 70 ton 100% OAHU with wrap-around heat pipes at our manufacturing facility in Tampa FL. The rooftop units service a luxurious high-rise apartment building located in South Florida. Florida building code requires energy recovery effectiveness of 50% or higher in compliance with ASHRAE Std. 90.1, but makes an exception for wrap around heat pipes which can be applied at lower effectiveness values. Wrap-around heat pipes precool the air upstream of the CC and reuse the heat captured in the precooling process as free reheat downstream of the CC.

For this installation, HPT retrofitted each 12,000 CFM rooftop unit with a 1-row wrap-around heat pipe system. Although a minimum 1-row system, the heat pipe brought the OA temperature down from 91°F db / 78°F wb to 85°F db / 76°F wb in a typical design day while removing 79,415 Btu/hr of the load of the CC. This reduced the cooling load of the HVAC equipment by 8% and provided 79,415 Btu/hr of reheat.

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New Product Features and Updates in SelectPlusTM


HPT's SelectPlus Design Software

New Product Features and Updates in SelectPlus.

HPT recently hosted a training webinar on SelectPlus™ Design Software, which focused on new updates for the Wrap-Around (DHP) and Energy Recovery (HRM) products.

In the webinar, the following topics where covered:
• What is the new optimized DHP
• New HRM and DHP design changes and updated parameters
• Selection examples of each model
• Other helpful tips and shortcuts

Click here to view the past webinar.

We hope you learned some valuable information from HPT Solutions July 2018 Newsletter. For more information about how we can provide you with Heat Pipe Technology’s products and solutions contact us today by calling 860.291.8886, by emailing us, or by visiting our website. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

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