July 2017 ASHRAE Journal & Summer Publications Catalog

In the July issue of the ASHRAE Journal, learn how to decide how much outdoor air is required for healthy, durable indoor pool environments. Also, check out articles on the feasibility of zero net energy buildings and on damage in multifamily housing walls with vinyl siding.

July ASHRAE Journal

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July 2017 Digital Journal: Carbon Dioxide Generation and Building Occupants

By: Andrew K. Persily, Ph.D.

Indoor CO2 concentrations have been prominent in discussions of building ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ) since the 18th century. More recent discussions have focused on the impacts of CO2 on building occupants as well as the use of indoor CO2 to estimate ventilation rates and to control outdoor air ventilation. While the rates at which building occupants generate CO2 are key to these applications, the rates currently in use are not based on recent references or a thorough consideration of the impacts of occupant characteristics. However, the fields of human metabolism and exercise physiology have studied human activity for many decades, focusing on rates of energy expenditure, oxygen consumption, and CO2 generation, as well as the individual factors that affect these rates. Continue reading full article…


Summer Publications Catalog

The new ASHRAE Design Guide for Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems is among the featured publications, standards, and guidelines in the Summer 2017 ASHRAE Publications Catalog. This catalog provides a listing of the most popular products published by ASHRAE.

Summer publications catalog

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