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Laboratories and research facilities exhaust a wide variety of harmful fumes. In concentrated forms, these fumes can be hazardous to human life. Contaminated air must be exhausted in a way that prevents it from returning back into the building, and surrounding locations where people may be present. To effectively exhaust these fumes, which in many cases are corrosive and/or explosive in nature, fans are connected to one or more fume hoods to draw the contaminated air through. For proper ventilation, exhaust fans must be capable of moving air at high velocities to achieve a high plume height, as well as entertaining clean ambient air to dilute the chemical concentration in the airstream. Twin City Fan (TCF) offers a complete line of laboratory & fume exhaust fans for meeting the most stringent industry standards. Their laboratory exhaust fans are often constructed of specialty materials to withstand the fumes associated with these environments.

Below is video highlighting Twin City Fan & Blower’s energy recovery system options in a lab or research facility environment:

Laboratory and Fume Exhaust Fans

Twin City Fan’s research and development capabilities have developed ground-breaking fan designs for fume hood and lab exhaust applications. Their extensive product line makes TCF the preferred supplier for pharmaceutical air moving solutions. Special metal and demanding construction features specific to this industry are routinely satisfied by their commitment to quality control and progressive fabrication techniques.

Fume Exhaust Arrangements

FanPedia arrangements for fume exhaust fans.

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