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MK Plastics Announces New Addition to Fiberglass Control Line – K-FL Fiberglass Fixed Blade Louver

M.K. Plastics HVAC control systems bring the same quality engineering and manufacturing that has earned M.K. Plastics its position as an industry leader in corrosion resistant products for critical service applications. With their commitment to innovation and design, they recently announced a new addition to their fiberglass control line – the K-FL Fiberglass Fixed Blade Louver.

The K-FL series is a fixed blade drainable louver used in applications where corrosive air exists, for exhaust, supply or pressure relief. These louvers can be installed in cavity wall installations, flange mounted to the exterior/interior of the walls. The fiberglass resins used are flame-retardant, vinyl ester with a Class I flame spread rating of 25 or less and include UV inhibitors. Standard color is MK Light Gray (RAL 7040), however, custom colors are available.

Recently, the louver has been used as a combination ‘packaged unit’ with their K-PD (FRP control damper) or K-GD (FRP backdraft damper) and AXPR wall panel fan, all housed in their fiberglass K-Kore wall box, for use in Waste Water Treatment Plants for a complete corrosion resistance wall mounted exhaust system.

AMCA certified for both Air Performance and Water Penetration, the K-FL has one of the best water penetration results of any louver on the market, at only 0.005 (oz/ft2) at 1,250 fpm velocity, on a 4ft x 4ft AMCA test sample.


AMCA Certified


About K-FL Fiberglass Fixed Blade Louver

The M.K. Plastics K-FL series is a fixed blade fiberglass drainable louver used in applications where corrosive air exists for exhaust, air supply or pressure relief. Available for in cavity wall installation or flange mounted to exterior/interior of the wall. It can also be used on the discharge or intake side of exhaust & supply fans. Flange drilling is available as an option.


MKP Model K-FL



6” x ⅛” thick vinyl ester resin C-channel.
6-¾” x ⅛” vinyl ester resin, with a built-in water trap. Positioned at a 35º angle at approximately 3-⅞” centers.
PVC bird screen 1” x 1” x ⅛” (standard) in a removable frame, attached to channel with 316 stainless steel fasteners. Other materials, sizes and mesh screens available – consult factory.
12”W x 12”H.
Single section: 72”W x 72”H. Larger sizes available in multiple sections.

• Custom designs and variations to the standard louver are available, consult factory for options. These may include: custom colors, optional flanges, and/or extended sill
• Louver sections larger than 72” in height & width will normally be shipped in sections for field assembly. Consult submittal drawings for assembly details.
• *Width & height dimensions are approximately ¼” under listed size unless otherwise stated.


K-FL Suggested Specification

Furnish and install FRP louvers, as shown on plans or as described in the schedule as per following specifications. Louvers shall comply to ASTM D4385-84A standards, frames and blades shall be of pultruded construction. Resin used shall be flame retardant vinyl ester with a Class I flame spread rate of 25 or less. All surfaces are protected to be ultra-violet resistant. Frames shall 6” wide on all louvers, “C” channel type with ⅛” wall thickness. Louver blades shall be of ⅛” thick, 6-¾” wide on 35º angle approximately 3-⅞” center-to-center. Fixed blade fiberglass louvers shall be M.K. Plastics Corporation model K-FL or equivalent. Published louver performance data bearing the AMCA certified ratings seal for Air Performance & Water Penetration must be submitted for approval prior to fabrication, equal to or less than the specified model. Louver must carry the AMCA Certified Ratings Seal for Air Performance & Water Penetration.


Performance Data

AMCA Standard 500 provides a reasonable basis for testing and rating louvers. Testing to AMCA 500 is performed under a certain set of laboratory conditions. This does not guarantee that other conditions will not occur in the actual environment where louvers are being used. The louver system should be designed with a reasonable safety factor for performance. To ensure protection from water carryover, design with a performance level slightly below maximum required pressure drop and 0.01 oz/sq.ft of water penetration.


K-FL Performance Chart


AMCA Water Penetration Test provides a method for comparing various louver models and designs as to their efficiency in resisting the penetration of rainfall under laboratory test conditions. The beginning point of water penetration is defined as that velocity where the water penetration curve projects through 0.01 oz. of water (penetration) per sq.ft of louver free area. NOTE: Actual beginning point of water penetration for model K-FL is 1239 fpm at 0.005 (oz/ft2), free area velocity. Test stopped at 1250 fpm.


Free Area chart

About MK Plastics

Founded in 1963, MK Plastics is a global leader in the production of corrosion resistant industrial and commercial blower, fans and ventilation systems. Patented in several countries, their products are AMCA certified for Air and Sound Performance. They design and manufacture complete ventilation systems in their facilities for two generations and always assure quality, reliability and constant innovation. Their dedicated engineering and R&D team designs, refines and tests all their fans and blowers in their 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and performance test laboratory in Montreal, Quebec, Canada,


To learn more, view the complete list of products that M.K. Plastics offers. If you have any questions about using an axial, or centrifugal fan for your application, contact us today, or visit our website. Remember you can always stay up-to-date on the latest industry happenings by following us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube!

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