Water & Wastewater

Water and wastewater facilities are major users of municipal operating budgets. As municipalities face increasing budget restraints, the efficiency of these systems is imperative. ABB variable frequency drives on process pumps and other equipment can be programmed to optimize efficiency based on plant loading. TOXALERT gas detection systems help keep plant operators safe from harmful gases that are generated within the plant.

Water/Wastewater Customers That Have Lowered Operating Costs With Flow Tech Include:

  • Ansonia WPCF
  • Aquarion Water Company
  • Bucklin Point WWTF
  • Cheshire WPCF
  • East Hampton WWTP
  • Easterly WWTF, Marlborough, MA
  • Ellington Crystal Lake
  • Fairfield, WPCF
  • Greater Lawrence Sanitary District, Andover, MA
  • Greater Augusta Pump Station, ME
  • Mattabassett WPCF
  • Metropolitan District Commission
  • MFN Regional WPCF, Norton, MA
  • Middlebury Pump Station
  • Milford WPCF
  • Mystic WPCF
  • NAES Mid-CT Waste Facility
  • New Milford WWTP
  • Norwalk WPCF
  • Roth WTPF
  • South Windsor WPCF
  • Southbury WPCF
  • Southington WPCF
  • Stamford WPCF
  • Wallingford WPCF
  • Waterbury CHW Plant
  • Waterline Companies
  • West Haven WWTP
  • White Hills Pump Station

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