Cooney Freeze Block Technology

Prevent Coil Freeze and Thaw Damage with Cooney Freeze Block Technology

Did you know freeze damage is one of the leading causes of coil failure? At temperatures 32°F and below, water can freeze and expand, causing excessive pressure that results in coil damage within minutes. Consequently, expensive and time-consuming maintenance, coil repair, downtime and potentially serious subsequent damage from the thaw and flood often occurs.

With freezing temperatures upon us, prevention must be put in place to protect HVAC coils from freezing. Cooney Freeze Block Coil Technology is the only coil designed to block freeze and thaw damages. This patented, breakthrough technology is designed to displace and drain a controlled volume of water with innovative rupture protection technology. It is engineered intuitively to sense and alert users of freezing conditions preventing productivity to plummet and help to maintain a functional, optimized HVAC system.

What is a Freeze Block Coil?

The Cooney Freeze Block coil is your best defense against freeze damage. Here’s why:

  • Expansion relief headers are equipped with pressure and temperature sensing valves
  • Controlled volume of water is displaced to allow for expansion during freeze conditions
  • System is designed so that ice has room to form within a coil
  • Valves are designed to reset after discharging to prevent flooding after coil thaws

Breaking Down Cold Water, Hot Water & Steam

As water begins to freeze and changes from a liquid to a solid, it expands. The result – pressure climbs rapidly within the tubes. Cooney Freeze Block coil is designed to prevent this chain of events from causing critical damage to HVAC systems with a built-in standard valve temperature setting, 35°F to open and a standard valve pressure setting, 200 PSI, to open.

  • Steam distribution and condensate removal is optimized with pitched case and optiflow distributing to technology.
  • Improved orifice spacing to deliver an even thermal profile across the full face of the coil.
  • Improved thermal profile is achieved with variable orifice designed of the inner tube.
  • Freeze Alert Kit can be added and programmed to discharge the control panel conductivity sensors
  • When coil is exposed to freezing conditions, the sensing technology can alert staff that the system is in danger

Cooney Freeze Block Technology

Smart Solutions for your success.

Cooney Freeze Block technology is the smart solution for a diverse customer base.

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Food and pharmaceutical plants
  • Public and private transit
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Government office buildings
  • Prisons
  • Museums and more


Flow Tech is the proud representative of Cooney Freeze Block Coils for Connecticut and Western MA. We’re happy to discuss this patented technology more with you. We can schedule a phone call or come to your office and facilitate a lunch and learn. To learn more check out the Cooney Technologies’ videos. Don’t forget to visit us on the web and follow us on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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