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Ventilation and Drive Engineering

Flow Tech specializes in the application and retrofit of electronically commutated (EC) plenum fans for air-handling unit applications and EC propeller fans for condensing units and wall intake/exhaust applications. We are happy to provide ebm-papst’s award-winning EC technology to our customers. EC motors are DC motors with integrated AC to DC conversion. EC motors give the flexibility of connecting to AC mains with the efficiency and simple speed control of a DC motor.

When you choose intelligent ebm-papst EC technology in your applications everyone wins – companies, customers and the environment. Not only does it provide owners and operators with a return on investment, it also conserves precious energy resources. In addition to the savings, you can also expect a significant reduction of noise emissions – at lower speeds, ebm-papst EC fans are quieter. Consistent use of ebm-papst fans with EC technology can radically reduce the power consumption compared to AC fans.

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We’re happy to serve Connecticut and the Western MA counties, Franklin, Hampshire, Berkshire and Hampden, as the local ebm-papst EC fan representative