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Fresh-Aire Ice UV

Germicidal UV-C for Ice Machines

Ice machine maintenance has just become easier, safer and more cost-effective now that we represent Fresh-Aire ICE UV. Their award-winning ICE UV germicidal UV light system works continuously to kill germs before they become established, reducing the need for frequent cleanings while decreasing health risks caused by dirty ice. The UV-C lamp is designed to produce enough UV-C light to kill germs and mold inside the ice machine without damaging materials inside. This product is perfect for facilities that utilize ice machines frequently such as hospitals, medical facilities, hotels, boarding schools, universities, institutions, and restaurants.

Benefits Include:

  • Money saved on ice machine maintenance
  • Constant, efficient ice machine cleaning
  • Effective germicidal solution against mold, bacteria, and virusesReduced health risks from dirty ice
  • Multiple configurations to fit all types of ice machines
  • Cleaner, clearer ice

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We proudly serve New England as the local Fresh-Aire ICE UV representative.