4 Steps to Reduce Your HVAC Energy Costs with a Quick Payback

In an ever increasingly expensive business environment, saving money is important now more than ever. Many companies don’t realize their building systems contribute to a huge part of their economic health. Taking simple preventative measures will save time and money in the long run. Today’s post discusses 4 easy steps to reducing your HVAC energy costs, and with a quick payback!

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Hartford Hospital

Flow Tech Keeps Hartford Hospital’s ORs Running Safely and Efficiently

New construction is always an exciting thing. Everything in a building is brand new, never been used, and is in tip-top condition, including the HVAC and building systems. Eventually time passes and that brand new building becomes 10 years old, then 20, 30, and eventually 40+. Those once state-of-the-art and brand new building systems are now outdated, inefficient and need replacement.

Such was the case with Hartford Hospital’s Bliss Building. Built in 1970, the buildings original air-handling units had never been replaced, but were in dire need. Today’s blog features the case study about how Flow Tech was able to replace three of the hospital’s air-handling units with our disrupting their ORs…

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Bristol Community College

Zero Net Energy Without Adding Zeroes to Cost

Zero Net Energy Without Adding Zeroes to Cost A Zero Net Energy (ZNE) academic lab-science building is without precedent in the Northeast, but in 2016 Bristol Community College will lead the way in achieving this feat with the completed construction of its John J. Sbrega Health and Science Building, designed by Sasaki Associates. Achieving ZNE…

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Paul Beley

March 2015 Employee Feature: Paul Beley − the Flow Tech Road Warrior

Our service team is compiled of eight field technicians, one service coordinator, and of course, our service manager. Managing multiple people across four states for numerous projects is no easy feat. That’s why for March’s employee feature of the month we chose to highlight our Service Manager, Paul Beley. Take a minute to learn a little bit more about the man who plays such an important role to our company’s success…

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