Flow Tech Training Video Series

Enabling Zero Lockdown on the OAM II

Today’s video release discusses what zero lockdown is and why it is important to the OAM II airflow measuring system by Air Monitor Corp. Viewers will then learn how to use the zero lockdown feature to set a minimum feet per minute flow parameter so velocity is not read when it falls below the indicated threshold.

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What Happens In Vegas…

The world’s largest gathering of HVAC&R professionals is taking place in a little over a month in Las Vegas! Flow Tech will be there, will you? Today’s post provides you with all the must-know details, including information about our manufacturers’ hospitality parties and booth numbers…

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Aircuity Hosts OT110 Owner Training Course

Attention Flow Tech Aircuity customers! The next Aircuity OT110 Owner Training course is scheduled for Thursday, February 4-5, 2016. This program offers end users a broader and deeper exposure to the Aircuity solution and provides the basic troubleshooting and maintenance skills you have demanded for years. Find out more…

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Brian Robinson conducting Drive Training

What’s a Drive?

You may have heard of them, or even seen them, but that doesn’t mean you know what they are or what they do. What is a drive? Today’s post if for those whom are unfamiliar with variable frequency drives. We posted a great video published by ABB that explains what drives actually are…

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