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The M.K. Plastics Difference

M.K. Plastics (MKP) is a leader in the production of corrosion-resistant industrial and commercial blowers, fans, and ventilation systems. Patented in several countries, their innovative technologies are AMCA certified for performance and noise. Their fans and blowers are ideal for environments where there are problems with corrosion due to the contaminants in exhaust air including research facilities, clean rooms, laboratories, technology and chemical processing facilities. In this post you’ll learn about the MKP difference…


Axijet-F 6000

Axijet-F 6000 Fiberglass High Plume Fans



M.K. Plastics’ FRP fabrication expertise and technology allows them to offer FRP exhaust systems as a price-competitive alternative to stainless steel and a total-cost-superior alternative to epoxy coated steels. FRP and composite materials are essentially “corrosion immune” and that “immunity” is not dependent upon coatings or special treatments, therefore the resistance remains even if the material is scratched, dinged, dented, or scuffed.

Additionally, FRP is inherently spark resistant and therefore ideally suited for explosive applications. Theoretically, Coated Steel can match the corrosion resistance of FRP in many environments — so long as, and only if, the protective coating remains uncompromised by scratches or dings. But in the real world, every day wear and tear inevitably compromises the coating.

For mildly or non-corrosive environments, Coated Steel might be an acceptable compromise between longevity and price. But in corrosive environments, the replacement costs easily outweigh the slight premium of FRP which remains functionally immune to corrosion regardless of dings or scratches. This is why MK Plastics is able to deliver the benefits of FRP at a total cost that’s superior to coated steel or 304 stainless, for products and applications requiring medium to high corrosion resistance, including maritime environments and corrosive chemical exhaust.



AXPR 54 Fiberglass Wall Panel Fans



At M.K. Plastics, ease of maintenance is inherent in their fan design. For example, they specifically design many of their fans for ease of access to the motors and bearings, as in their patented EZ-4 sliding motor assemblies that allow the motor to slide out from the enclosure, providing direct maintenance access for rapid replacement or repair.

They also reduce the need for maintenance through the creation of superior control technology. Their patented LEADLAG™ control system not only provides ROI within a single year through energy savings, but its ability to routinely use back-up systems during the year maintains even use of all motors. This allows the maintenance crew to plan out their fan and motor maintenance schedule throughout the year, thereby facilitating better maintenance and longer life of mechanical equipment.


Perchloric Acid MVT

Perchloric Acid MVT Fiberglass Exhaust Fans



  1. MKP has the most diversified and comprehensive product line of FRP fans, exhaust, and air handling systems. No one else manufactures entire systems, including plenums, dampers, and ductwork constructed out of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer and composite materials. Their FRP product lines include: full range centrifugal fans, full range Axial fans, full range Ducted Fans, High Plume Dilution fans, Perchloric Acid Exhaust systems, FRP Plenums, and Dampers.
  1. They invest 10% of their sales back into R&D, and maintain an R&D Engineering staff, which is why they have a history of innovation and industry patents, including: first to obtain AMCA certification for their high plume fans; first to create a patented control system for lab ventilation; and first to offer an FRP AMCA-certified control In just the last 3 years they’ve come to market with:
  • An improved DHK centrifugal fan with an over 80% efficiency
  • An industry first – their composite construction, K-KORE™ PLENUM
  • And improved functionality to their patented LEADLAG™ control system


DHK 6000

DHK 6000 Fiberglass Exhaust Fan


MKP recently invested in state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling software to improve their ability to rapidly engineer and test new, hyper-efficient FRP fans and exhaust solutions.

  1. Custom-quality attention to detail and quality assurance. Current FRP design and construction is incredibly high-tech and of superior quality. However, the actual manufacturing of these products still require a significant element of craftsmanship and skill. Because MK Plastics has been manufacturing FRP Fans and Exhaust Systems for over five decades, and because the majority of their systems are used in hostile environments and critical duty applications, they have a cultural history of craftsmanship and quality assurance – of doing it right and paying significant attention to detail with regards to component quality, balance, fit and finish, factory-tested performance. This results in installed reliability for their systems, as well as greater peace of mind and less maintenance for their clients.
  1. Extreme Corrosion Resistance and substantial weight savings. MKP has installed systems over 20 years old, a few more than 40 years old, that are still operational. Build quality is a factor, but FRP construction – the use of non-reactive and practically corrosion immune materials – is perhaps the biggest reason. They make more than FRP Fans. They have, in fact, the most diversified and comprehensive line of FRP fans, fan accessories, and exhaust systems on the market.
  1. M.K. Plastics has decades of experience as the trusted, go-to, and repeat provider for major agencies, Universities, laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, munitions factories, and waste water treatment plants throughout the world. Among their repeat clients are MIT, NASA, Pfizer, University of Toronto, IBM, Intel, National University of Singapore, Yale University, GlaxoSmithKline, and more.


DHK 3650

DHK 3650 Fiberglass Fan



The Weight Savings over steel that MKP’s FRP materials and plenums provide can create three possible benefits for clients:

  1. For clients designing new buildings the weight savings of their systems can decrease the need to strengthen or reinforce the roof support, which can save thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in construction costs.
  1. For clients in older buildings, the weight savings can allow them to add heat recovery capabilities to their exhaust and supply systems that they might have previously been restricted from adding due to weight concerns.
  1. Finally for all clients, the weight savings on rooftop systems can decrease the need for heavy cranes and equipment, to the point where a lower class of crane is needed to put energy recovery plenums in place, thus saving on installation costs.


Axijet-F 6000

Axijet-F 6000 Fiberglass High Plume Fans



M.K. Plastics is devoted to providing:

  • The highest quality corrosion resistant fans and systems available
  • Superior engineering support for our equipment
  • Industry leading technology and experience.
  • Highly skilled application engineering associated with the equipment

For more information about M.K. Plastics and how we can provide you with one of their solutions contact us today, or visit our website. We also have more information in our resource center. Don’t forget to share this post, follow us on Twitter, and connect with us on LinkedIn and Google+!

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