Flow Tech is engaged in your project from design through installation and beyond. You can count on us 24/7 to be there to support all of your service needs. The Flow Tech advantage is our expertise in helping you develop HVAC solutions, our responsiveness to your needs, and that we take pride in our work. We never walk away; there’s no such thing as being done with a job.

Our sales and service associates all have either an HVAC or engineering background. Whether you are an end-user, engineer or contractor, we want you to think of us as an indispensable asset you can reach out to for expertise at a level you won’t find elsewhere.


Our first question to you is “Where does our product fit into your project?” Clients trust us because we stand behind our products and our ability to help you create the right system for your building. Before Flow Tech agrees to represent a product, the manufacturer has to meet our standards of excellence. Products must be efficient and dependable; manufacturers need to show innovation in their product development and be conscious of the importance and need for increasingly sustainable and energy efficient products. Products and systems must be a good value for the money and provide return-on-investment. Ultimately, both products and manufacturers need to withstand the test of time. In the industry, Flow Tech is considered to carry top-of-the-line products and provide excellent support and service. We work hard to maintain that reputation.


Flow Tech’s sales and service staff are acutely aware of our responsibility to you, our place in the project’s process, and our responsibility to make sure project needs are met. Unlike many dealers and product representatives, we are not just selling a product to service it. We are selling high-quality vetted systems, to potentially long-term business partners, who trust our judgment and are confident that they are working with knowledgeable, trained professionals who treat them fairly. The sales services you can expect from us include knowledgeable answers when you call, sound advice on the right systems for your project; expert HVAC system design and specifications; and, the ongoing, support, service and maintenance required to help you sleep at night.


We roll up our sleeves. We are accountable for what we sell, and we work with you throughout your project to ensure you are getting the right product or system, and that it is properly documented, installed, commissioned, supported and serviced. We also make sure you,  our clients, are thoroughly trained in the proper use and maintenance of your new system.

Our in-house sales and service experts are trained and thoroughly understand the products they represent. Each will personally oversee or actively participate in the installation process to whatever level they are needed, whether that involves working directly with an owner, or the owner’s engineers and contractors. Once our products are in your building, you can rest assured that we will be there whenever you need us, and if you need us, we want you to be comfortable calling and asking for our help or advice. That’s how we have built our reputation.