Middlesex Hospital TAMCO Damper

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TAMCO Dampers At Middlesex Hospital

Solutions for Replacement Dampers

The Challenge: Affordably Replacing Inefficient Dampers

A damper in an HVAC system is simply a mechanical device that regulates airflow. It goes without saying that it is very important to have functioning and efficient dampers in order to maintain proper airflow. Middlesex Hospital, located in Middletown, CT, experienced firsthand, the importance of functioning and efficient damper operation. The front end graphics on their controls system showed an outside damper closed, yet the air handler coils were working too hard to compensate for an increased amount of outside air. After further investigation they found that their dampers were failing due to the development of rust and corrosion which ultimately led to improper operation and eventual damper failure. The old dampers were bent and weren’t opening or closing properly causing not only poor functionality but inherent energy isues as well. With failing dampers, Middlesex Hospital could not regulate airflow accurately. This prompted Middlesex Hospital to look for a solution.

The Solution: TAMCO Dampers

Middlesex had the foresight to budget in replacement dampers and turned to Flow Tech, Inc. (FT) for the solution to their energy and maintenance dilemma. Flow Tech is one of the leading manufacturer’s representatives for critical airflow and commercial HVAC systems and recommended TAMCO’s Series 1500 Low Leakage Air Foil Control Dampers as the solution to Middlesex Hospital’s problem. After several weeks of discussion with FT’s TAMCO representative, Middlesex decided to purchase five TAMCO Series 1500 Dampers from Flow Tech.

The Results: Longevity and Efficientcy

TAMCO’s Series 1500 Dampers are made from extruded aluminum so rust and corrosion will not be an issue this time around for Middlesex Hospital. Actually, the TAMCO dampers come with a 25-year design life and a maintenance-free operation due to their non-metallic bearing system. Middlesex can rest easy knowing that the building will not only be more energy efficient and save them money, but they won’t have to worry about replacing or maintaining these dampers for the next 25 years.