Air Enterprises SiteBilt AHU

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One Stamford Forum is a well-known office building located on Tresser Street in Stamford, CT. It is popular because it’s one of the best-kept tenant buildings in Southern Connecticut. Purdue Pharma, the building’s largest tenant, has taken great measures to keep it that way by employing Bob Henry. Henry is the Senior Director of Facility Engineering and is responsible for maintaining the building’s life safety systems, keeping the building functioning and making sure the tenants are comfortable so their employees remain happy, safe and efficient.

The building was built in 1971 and still had all of its original air-handling units (AHUs). Much has changed in terms of energy efficiency and airflow standards since then and about five years ago Henry decided it was time to upgrade the AHUs. “The original units were constructed from galvanized sheet metal and had become very rusty. We looked into repairing them, but it was going to cost upwards of $40,000 just to repair one” states Henry.

Having prior experience with Air Enterprises, Henry called them to see if they could offer a better solution. They recommended their regional representative, Flow Tech, Inc. (FT). Henry had previously worked with FT on ABB variable frequency drive maintenance and was confident in their ability and professionalism, however he had some concerns over the project’s logistics.

Although the building has a penthouse floor dedicated to housing the AHUs, there wasn’t enough room to remove the AHUs in their entirety and bring in new ones without demoing walls. Also, because the building functions as a tenant office building, shutting down for more than a weekend was out of the question. Flow Tech had to combat the time and space restraints otherwise Bob Henry would take his business elsewhere. “If they couldn’t get the job done in a weekend they wouldn’t have been here” commented Henry.

The Solution: AIR ENTERPRISES SiteBilt™ AHU

Flow Tech knew they could rise to the occasion and accepted the challenge. The decision was made to supply Henry with SiteBilt™ air-handling units from Air Enterprises. SiteBilt™ AHUs are exactly as they sound, air-handling units constructed onsite. All components of the new air handling units (fan, motor, coils, panels, doors, floors and assembly hardware) are shipped to the site. The old unit is then demolished and removed, after which the new unit is site built in its place.

With only having a weekend to complete each install FT had to be crafty. Therefore, every Presidents’ Day weekend since 2009 Flow Tech along with their installation crew and subcontractors removed one AHU and installed a new one. In this timeframe, they had from 5 PM Friday night through Monday 12 PM to complete the project. By noon on Presidents’ Day they had to be ready to power back up and make sure the unit worked properly.


Fortunately, Flow Tech and Bob Henry have had success with their SiteBilt™ installs over the years. Not only are the building’s new air-handling units more efficient, but as Henry likes to put it, “They’re operating as advertised – 40-year life. After 5 years you walk by and still think they’re new.” Another benefit of using SiteBilt™ is you’re not reliant on the weather since everything is built inside.

When asked to give some insight and advice for others making a similar decision Bob Henry had this to say, “You need to have the confidence that they (Flow Tech) can do it and make it happen, otherwise you’ll leave the old units and let them limp along.” He continues, “If you have to replace multiple units replace the easiest one first. You’ll learn a lot from the first one which can help you with others down the road.” Henry was impressed with Flow Tech, Inc. and as a result has been an excellent customer over the years, “Flow Tech brought very good subs to the table, and Joe was very tenacious with the suppliers too. Overall they refuse to fail and don’t accept disappointment. They go above and beyond.”

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